Style Guide

The style guide will provide the design guide lines for Client corporate website. It will ensure carefully planned & considered design, implementation of design best practice and design consistency throughout the website.

In its first release the style guide will provide sufficient information for the website to be built to an attractive, consistent and professional design.

It is recommended that this document evolve as new functionality is required and provided to the web team to lead the design aspects of the website development.

It will review and consider the following key areas.

Media devices

To include mobiles, tablets and desktops and how the website will respond.

Typography across the website

Fonts, font sizes, line heights, page titles, sub titles and regional variations (e.g. body text, sidebars, footers, headers).

Major page components and their design

Such as the overall page layout, page adaptation with or without sidebars, header (including logo, contact details, social media links), navigation, static banner & animated banner images, breadcrumb, main content area (including page title and page content), first side bar (including sub navigation), second side bar (including news block, promotional block and other blocks) and footer.

This will include positioning, borders, margins and padding of components across the site.

Design behaviour

This will look at design behaviour and effects across the site. For example, the use of accordions, tabs, sliding banners and tool tips.


This will consider the type, style and size of imagery across the site.

This style guide will be delivered as a professional PDF document and may refer to online examples to demonstrate design behaviours.