Drupal Support

We provide Drupal Support to ensure our Clients sites are running at optimal performance and that the Drupal core and Drupal modules are maintained up-to-date in terms of both functionality and security. Whilst our support may be used to assist our clients with any Drupal requirements generally it falls into the following categories.

1. Drupal Security Updates

As time progresses weaknesses and vulnerabilities are found within the Drupal core and Drupal modules. Such weaknesses may allow hackers to deface or add spurious content to your website. Worse they might be able to extract valuable data or remove the entire website. As such it is highly recommended that as the bear minimum support is acquired to ensure security updates are installed on a prompt and regular basis.

2. Drupal Functionality Updates

From time-to-time new functionality will be added to the Drupal core and Drupal modules. Installation of the latest updates will enable you to benefit from new functionality and help to ensure your your site is compatible with the latest updates and releases as and when they become available.

3. Installation of Contributed Drupal Modules

The Drupal community maintain a wide and for ever growing collection of Drupal modules. These offer new functionality that may from time-to-time be suited to your requirements. As such we will test these modules on a development server to ensure there is no conflict with your existing installation and then install on your live server and configure as required.

4. Amends to Content

Generally amends to content will be done by our Clients. However, there are occasions where clients elect Zerotouch to make the amends on their behalf or it may that the amends are the less obvious or less straightforward. For example, translating the 'Submit' button to another word which requires programming expertise. Or it may be that there is a considerable amount of updating to be done and in that case the Client determines it is more cost effective for Zerotouch to their behalf.

5. Drupal Research

It may be that you have a clear requirement but unsure as to the best way to achieve the requirement. In this case we will work with you to specify your requirement and work out the most effective solution. In many cases it will involve researching and testing contributed modules or alternatively scoping and estimating the work involved to write a custom module.

6. Module Development

In the event that a custom module is required this can be built either under support or as a project in its own right. Typically, small modules will only be built under support.

7. Theme Development

Using our expertise in web design, web development and Drupal we are able to build new themes or build additional components to an existing theme design. It may be that you currently have a website and require the existing 'look-and-feel' to be built into a theme in order that you can switch and use Drupal CMS to power your corporate website.

8. Telephone Support

Clients may need telephone support from time-to-time to assist them as to how do something or to go through a specific training item.

9. Help Documentation

Whilst the use of the Drupal system is relatively easy-to-use for those who only use now and then are likely to find custom documentation to assist. In this case we will provide help guides or FAQs to assist with the maintenance of their Drupal system.

10 Drupal Training

In addition to scheduled Drupal Training Courses we offer on-site and bespoke training for Clients who prefer tailored training courses.