Understanding Keyword attributes

There's a huge amount of data and it's important that we can consider and evaluate the attributes of keywords to determine whether we should target them within our keyword strategy.

There are 3-things we need to consider:

  • Relevance
  • Search Volume
  • Competition


Does this keyword accurately reflect the nature of the products and services you offer?

Put yourself in your customer shoes. For example, if you were looking to book a specific training course what would you do? Perhaps you'd enter the actual name of the course and any specfic reference number?

Search Volume

The number of searches per month for a particular keyword.


How difficult will it be for us to rank above our competitors.

A geat tool to help is MOZ Pro "Keyword Difficulty and SERP Analysis".

For many organisations finding lots of long tail keywords that don't get a lot of searches, are less competition but highly specfic offer a great approach for attracting customers.